Though it was a bit slow in arriving in North Carolina, winter is finally upon us. Splitting my time between the South (where we film) and Toronto, I’m able to enjoy the beauty of the season without getting too weighed down by the cold.

I woke up to snow on my last visit up North, and I love the stillness it creates…especially when I’m warm and cozy inside. On the floors, I’ve got an array of plush rugs underfoot, and they act much like snow, adding to the peace and quiet by tamping down sound and acting as insulation.

A penchant for decorating with rugs is a big plus when it comes to managing energy bills in the winter months. This isn’t a new concept. Heavy tapestries were hung on the walls of castles to keep damp and draughts away from the living spaces and to keep the heat in.

Besides creating a cushion of warmth between your feet and the floor, I love using rugs to define spaces and set off the furnishings within. One of my favourite decorating tricks these days is to use outdoor rugs inside, since the newest synthetic constructions are designed to easily wipe clean with a damp cloth. While most people think of outdoor rugs as easy-care in the summer, they work wonders in slushy, snowy conditions too. (Especially for those of us with pets. Hello Mimi!)