Given that we’re typically shooting up to five different projects at once for LIOLI, and daily production starts near dawn and wraps well after dark most evenings, it seems I never have enough time to one of  my favorite things: Curling up with a good book.

Now that production is on a brief hiatus for the holidays, I intend to do some catching up. Whether  you’re seeking escape for daily stress with a best-selling thriller or stoking the creative fires with the latest design tome (me!), there’s nothing more important than creating a comfortable spot to turn the  pages. Great light is essential, as is the perfect armchair.

I’m all about breaking rules when it comes to design, but I do hold one hard and fast. My reading zone is distraction-free. That means the phones, tablet and all other electronic devices are on silent, because winding down in my book means quiet…and maybe a glass of wine.

What’s on your reading list for the holiday break?