It’s been a couple of weeks since Valentine’s Day. The chocolates are all on clearance, flower shops are counting their profits and in most cases the sweet nothings and romantic gestures have become all but non-existent. To add to that, this Polar Vortex has come and gone and recently, back again with a healthy stronghold that have many lovers trapped indoors. Before cabin fever sets in, and all the Valentine’s Day effort you put in place to re-kindle the romance in your relationship fizzles, couples often need to find ways to keep the passion alive and the love boat sailing along.

I came across an article that had a fantastic and easy to enjoy suggestion. With studies proving its effectiveness, I simply had to share.

The University of Rochester completed a number of studies that suggested couples should watch relationship/romance-based movies and discuss the issues, successes and concerns raised in a post-film debrief. Each couple was asked to watch a romance/relationship-based movie once a week over a couple months and asked to analyze and critique the movie’s content based on a series of activities. Overall, the idea of discussing a fictionalized relationship from a movie and internalizing that to your own personal one could have positive effects and are unattainable in any other form.

I would like to believe that couples do and continue to keep the romance alive with year-round gestures of love and affections towards each other but this could be a fantastic option for couples who seek that extra bit of advice or are in need of a relationship check in at times. It allows for a more self directed therapy session with your loved one.

The silver screen offers much in the way of over-the-top rom-coms, long lost love, saddening love stories and heart warming optimism that can spark feelings in anyone. I am not a fan of TVs in the bedroom, and anyway…can’t love happen in any room of a home?

Here are my Top 10 movies, in no particular order, to rekindle and/or refine the quest for romance in life. Funny, sad, lusty or in love; Movies to watch together, or alone. Loaded with classics — all really hot talk and innuendo instead of on-screen sex — super sultry and HOT!

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