My Covid 19 post travel isolation in my home started on March 18th when I landed in Toronto. I’m less than fourteen days in when writing this.

For the first time in 12 years of working on Love it or List it, I have nothing but time on my hands.  I’m going to conquer every overfilled closet and messy area in my home. Woo Hoo!

Day 1 of my isolation:

Ready to start projects I’d wanted to tackle forever. I’d like to completely renovate, update and refresh my house from top to bottom, but I never have time. So for now, at least I can organise and purge.

Start with my office where all my leftover or unused fabrics take up space. Haul them to my living room to share this experience with my cats and Mimi my dog: if you have to ask why…

As I look at the bolts of fabric and odds and ends it’s all a bit overwhelming and my energy and enthusiasm is waning by the second. Stop for a snack and survey the mess.

Carefully re-roll and re- fold the fabric, put it back exactly where it came from. and call it day!

Today, I’ve realised that the challenge of isolation is to make a really, really good list of tasks to do and try to knock one off each day knowing that may not happen; after all, these are very trying times and cut myself some, well, a lot of slack.

I decide that imagining the projects you’ll tackle and picturing the transformations or fabulous meals you’ll produce is really as good as actually, doing it.

Day 2. 

Clear out my workout gear drawer and sock drawer. How did I ever accumulate so many pairs of socks. No one wants to accept donations.  I now have bags of workout gear and socks.

Day 3.

Read recipes. Get inspired – inspiration immediately quashed by the reality of having to order every ingredient online since I can’t leave my house to shop.

Anyway, what’s the point, it’s not as though friends can come and join me.

Day 4. 

Have a long talk with friends across the globe. With the various time zones can talk at virtually anytime of day or night to anyone I want. It’s rewarding even though many of them haven’t a clue who I am since it’s been 30 years since we spoke to each other.

Day 5.

Purge 99 percent of my handbags and purses, regret the decision and put 99 percent back. More on that in another blog coming up.

Day 6.

Decide I really do have to make a plan and start my projects but I can’t find the list and have to start another one. More on that soon.

Day 7. 

O-M-G only 7 days to go! Need to celebrate! Need to sleep /nap off celebration.

Day 8. 

Long time partner comes to join me in isolation. Have a huge argument and he leaves. And then, he comes back. Contrite realising he can’t live without me which I find very satisfying.

I must come up with projects I’ve planned and actually get them done. Realise the only tangible thing I’ve done is clean my house. Isablel The Fabulous has cleaned my house for me for 14 years and I’m totally spoiled. She’s not allowed near me until I’ve done my 14 days.

It’s not that I can’t clean a house myself and I go for the  Covid 19 killing clorox pretty much everywhere. My home now smells like a public swimming pool.

Day 9.

Pull out my 1948 first edition of Aubrey Beardsley drawings.  Look him up – genius!  Maybe I’ll do a blog on just him and how incredibly inspiring his art is. Now I am truly motivated and inspired. My sketch book is out, my pencils are sharpened, and I’m drawing like a fiend. I will hope to have some of these designs translated into textiles for my next collection.

Day 10. 

Sketch a design for a new sofa and send it off to see if it will actually work as a comfortable beautiful place to sit and read and think about what has changed in our lives after this pandemic has finally subsided. Will we try and be kinder to each other, the planet and to ourselves? Will we actually understand how important connection with friends and other cultures in the world are to a fulfilling future and that possessions are only meaningful when they actually mean something and don’t cause pain or damage to anyone or any creature or any part of our planet?

Will what I do still matter?  I hope so because I am so privileged to have a portal through which I enhance people’s lives through design and entertainment. It is one of the most cherished and exalted ways to share and express what I love to do.

Day 11.

Remind myself of all that I am grateful for.

Only 3 days to go. Who knows what is coming tomorrow. But I know, I’m going to find a recipe for something delicious to eat that I’ve never tried cooking before, and share it with my friends online. Maybe i’ll start with this one:

Stay tuned for more!