It’s a bit corny, but I think it’s a good nudge to remind us in our busy lives to take the time to show your love in a way that is special. Now, I know there are as many people out there with broken hearts for whom February 14th is a day to ignore or dread, and to you I say, celebrate Valentine’s Day anyway! Gather friends, share memories, laugh and have a day celebrating your bond with as best friends. For those of you who are in wonderful relationships, today is your chance to find the one thing that has always united you as a couple, whether you’re celebrating the excitement of a new relationship, or rekindling the excitement of a long-time love; open your mind to the simplest of ways to share the day and the evening, simple and unexpected without being too corny or predictable. For me, I think Nature kindles a deep feeling of a bond with the world around us, and the one we are with. My perfect Valentine’s Day would be to bundle up, if it’s chilly, and take a walk with your love at dusk, just as the light is changing and the first stars and the moon begin to appear in the sky. Sharing that natural beauty and majesty in stillness together, strengthens the wonder of having found each other in this huge world of our rushing, busy lives. Simply taking the time to be alone and gaze into the vastness of the starry night sky, can solidify and strengthen the bond of friendship and love. The celestial sky is a part of who we are here on earth, it’s an inspiration for so many things in our lives: From music to poetry, art to jewelry and even home décor too. Have a candlelit dinner under the stars and then, switch gears, go dancing and stay out way too late. Memories are potent, and creating new ones are so much fun. There’s so much more to February 14th than chocolates and red roses.

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