September 16th kicks off the launch of my, Brand-spanking-new, 

HILARY FARR DESIGNS  Bedding Collection.

I have to admit I’m both excited and nervous!

Home Fashions Market Week kicks off in 48 hrs; all the most discerning and picky buyers from around the globe are descending on New York City to shop and see all the new and exciting collections to stock up on for their retail stores my HILARY FARR COLLECTIONS is Brit Chic inspired bedding and will debut this Monday morning September 16th at:

SKY HOME showroom at: 295 5th Avenue Suite 702. 

My philosophy is, SLEEP WELL DREAM BIG.

With that in mind, my designs celebrate nature, soothe the mind and inspire the senses. All are fabricated in soft 100% cotton. All will be showcased by 

SKY HOME who will be opening their showroom doors bright and early on September 16, 2019. 

Meanwhile, I’ll  be heading for Rockefeller Plaza for a scheduled appearance on the Today Show to talk about the new season of LOVE IT OR LIST IT on HGTV. I’m hoping to meet some of our fans of our TV  show there to say hello. If you’re planning on coming to see us on Today Show,  bring along a fun sign or two to wave at the cameras, Hilary Says… “Sleep Well, Dream Big!”

David will LOVE IT!

I’ll be in SKY HOME Showroom most of the day on Monday. I hope to see you there!