What inspires a trend.

I love clothes and take a lot of my cues from fashion, which is a predictor of what’s coming in home design and decor. And if the motifs I’m noticing now, are any indication, we’re seeing stars.

How is it possible that designers in different categories and countries can be on the same page with a trend at the same time? All I know is that it happens all the time.

Fashion trends tend to start at the high-end and trickle down. When I see something different, that I love in fashion, I want to jump on it and  see how it can cross over from fashion to the home.

There is nothing new about the celebration of our universe in design. It’s been celebrated in poetry, prose, music, and used in painting and art as motif for centuries.

I’ve been toying with a design that incorporates the phases of the moon for months and months, not exactly knowing why, but just a feeling it was something that would resonate beauty and I felt compelled to create. I think I was feeling the tug of a trend that I think will be a big influence on fashion and home decor this year.

A global consciousness takes hold and there it is. A Trend is Born.

There are collections of jewelry with stars and the moon already out there and they are lovely. I particularly love the Dior collection, Rose Celeste. I love the pieces from Moonglow, a Canadian company, that handcrafts jewelry with iconic moon images.  (Note: For the romantics among you, the idea is that the phase of the moon in each piece commemorates a special date, say, the day you met, or first said “I love you” or your first child was born).

In Home, collections this winter that will be in stores for the Spring, I’m seeing lots of stars and astrological symbols on wallpaper, in lighting, and even chandeliers inspired by satellites; A throw back to Sputnik! Or a simple look to the sky, fluffy clouds and all, that remind us of the brilliance of the galaxy just beyond. Maybe that is the inspiration behind the Global Altitude series from my rug collection. In particular the rug designed using clouds.

So why all this emphasis on stars now? Fashion has always followed what is happening in politics and the economy. So,  perhaps the grandeur of the skies reminds us of our beautiful world and that just may be all we need to take our minds off and a break from,  high-stress, data-driven lifestyles we lead.

Celestial-inspired décor is beautiful and comforting.

Watch out for this trend. Let me know if you’ve brought this trend into your home in some way.