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What’s one thing Love It or List It‘s Hilary Farr hasn’t done but wants to? Go skydiving, she says. Her favourite dish? Silky yogurt with berries, nuts and honey. Delicious! These and 17 other revealing questions and answers from one of our favourite interior designers!

1) My name is Hilary, but my friends and family call me:
My son calls me MM. Mighty Mumster.

2) What is your favorite childhood memory? 
Being spoiled rotten while staying with my grandparents.

3) I cringe whenever I think about this embarrassing moment:
Too many to single one out.

4) I got these traits from my parents:
Bossy, funny, strong, smart and empathetic.

5) What is your greatest fear in life?
I have no fears!

6) What has been your proudest moment?
Everything my son has ever done.

7) Greatest regret?
Not paying attention to the really good advice my parents gave me (in retrospect). Typical that I didn’t, but a regret nevertheless!

8) I could eat this dish all day: 
Yoghurt, fresh berries, honey and nuts.

9) If you had to cook for a get-together what would you cook? 
One of the only three things I know how to cook.

10) Guilty pleasure?

11) Pet peeve?
Leaf blowers.

12) What is the best part of being on Love It or List It?
Laughing with David, Desta, Fergus and Eddy and the rest of the fabulous crew.

13)Most worn item in closet. 
My Donna Karan black pants.

14) Best vacation?

15) Never have I ever… (But want to)
Sky dive!

16) You may be surprised to know that…
I’m not a party girl, i’m a homebody!

17) If you weren’t doing this a job what would you be doing?
I would be a veterinarian.

18) Fav genre of music:

19) Last played on my iPhone:
Luke Doucet “The Day Rick Danko Died” from his 2008 album